The new YW President…… – and a tick –

Mom and Dad have been waiting for callings for a while…. and last week they, (I mean she ) finally got one!!!

On wednesday Mom told me she got her calling.  That day our YW president told us she was being released.  I knew Mom was going to be the new YW president, – and I was really hoping she would be.  I kept asking her  what her calling was, but of course she just smiled and said maybe.

On Sunday they called her as Young Womens president!!  During the 3rd hour, we said good-bye to the last president…..I think everyone except for me and Mom were crying while saying goodbye.  It was kinda awkward…

Now she will have to go to camp with me!–

–The boys went camping  last weekend.  Corbin came home with a tick on his shoulder! After dinner Dad decided he would try to take it out.  He tried to take it out with tweezers, but the stubborn little bug wouldn’t come out.  So he tried the hot needle… as I said, the bug was very stubborn, and didn’t let the hot needle get it either. –  the tick was hanging by one leg!-              Chopping off some skin got rid of it though.


5 thoughts on “The new YW President…… – and a tick –”

  1. Go Kelly!!!!! Such an upgrade from Cub Scouts 🙂 Love reading all the posts, I can totally hear you guys in my head when I read – always makes me laugh! Miss you all tons!!!

  2. Congradulations Kelly! As you know I adore serving in YW. Call and I will give you my ton of YW web sights. I have 12 active Beehives and they are wild and great. We laugh and cry and love each other dearly. You will make bonds that will last a life time. My first yw are now in their late thirtys and we still hold onto each other. Love and miss you all Toni

  3. OH my goodness, chopping off some skin?! ADDISEN ARE YOU CRAZY!? that’s just gross… 🙂 I love you anyways! I’m glad it’s out though…….

    SISTER JONES- SO EXCITING!!!! That’s going to be so much fun for you! I love our YW president, and that is such a perfect calling for you. I just wish you were in my ward! 🙂

    Love, Mica Chica ♥

  4. So fun to read your posts! We really miss you a lot! I was just thinking about that the other day! And that’s a GREAT calling for you, Kelly!! Keep ’em comin’!

  5. You GLOW girl! You will make a FANTASTIC YW president. The heading made me laugh… I thought Kelly had developed a nervous “tick” due to the calling! Hee, hee! The YW will LOVE you…. just like the rest of us!

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