Space Museum, Air Soft Wars, and Alabama Weather

I thought Alabama weather was supposed to be dry and humid.  Not after we came!  It rained for 17 days straight just a little bit after I got here!!!  That was not exactly what we were expecting.  There were some humid days, but not very humid.  And the cicadas are loud!  One of them sounds like 10 sirens going off! There are lots of snakes and spiders too.

We don’t have sports or homeschool group to go to, (and not quite so many friends) so we spend our days doing school, playing air hockey, and air-soft gun wars. – even Mom plays!-                        2009-10-26-AJ 220

We went to the space museum  2 weeks ago.  It was amazing!We saw the spaceships, a    jet, we went rock-climbing,  and I think Royce’s favorite part was watching the video of

the first rocket launch!  After that we went out to dinner.  There were big crickets on the windows!


 space museumthe cricket   :)


2 thoughts on “Space Museum, Air Soft Wars, and Alabama Weather”

  1. Bryson. I owe you money! How much, and give me an address please. I’ll send $ on the 31st – ok?

    My yard misses you, and the ward misses all of you!

    Keep those rockets flyin’

    Sis J

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