Papa and Nana Visit, Crickets and Talks

Jim & Kids at MSFCJim and Andi (Papa and Nana), Kelly’s parents came for a visit. Coincidentally, before we knew we were moving, they were planning on attending a wedding in Atlanta. So they made a little adjustment and flew into Burmingham (1.5 hrs south of us) and drove to Atlanta for the wedding and then over to our place and spent Sunday night through Tuesday with us. Again, coincidentally, the government takes Columbus day off (WHY? I will never know) and so we were able to spend some great time together!

We went to Huntsville’s Space Museum and spent A LONG time there.  Since I work with NASA, we all got in free (not a bad perk!).  The stuff they had there was amazing!  And it wasn’t rockets only.  IMG_0053They had some rides (spinning ones that made me semi-sick), a rock wall and other diverse things for the kids to do.  It is a pretty nifty place.


Royce here is having fun with Bryson’s eye.  They are standing at the end of the monstrous rocket they have set up in one part of the museum.IMG_0027 This one on the right is an example of just how massive it is.  And you can’t even see the top of it from here.


Then we went to pizza.  We ordered a side of crickets.  No, not really, but these bad boys were on the window behind us.  We could have used them as a Fear Factor meal.

IMG_0068The next night us adults (yes, I included myself in there) went out for a nice dinner.  It was great to have them with us and see us in the house.  It is always nice to really picture where your family is.  Unfortunately, it mostly rained while they were here.  We are getting a break for a few days right now, but it has been a long one!

It was wonderful to have them here!

Finally, last Saturday, we finished packing the basement room and the garage.  And not a moment too soon!  We can actually park our cars in the garage now which means…. (wait for it, wait for it….) No more frost on the windshield in the morning!  Small things excite me.  Especially that one.

On Sunday, Kelly, Bryson, Addisen and I gave talks in Sacrament meeting (and Corbin in Primary).  It was the Jones Family day.  With a confirmation and baby blessing, we didn’t have a ton of time left.  Bryson: “Hi, I’m Bryson Jones.  My family takes up that bench and my brothers and sisters are the other half of the primary.”  Funny guy.  BJ & AJ did a great  job.  We were so impressed with them.

OK – Time for “What’s in Alabama?”

  • No babysitting age limit.  If they can sit, they can babysit.
  • No homework on Wednesdays.  All the churches have youth groups on Wednesday so the schools don’t give out homework on that day.  How cool is that!
  • 70 mph freeways.  217 in Oregon would be 65 mph.
  • No bike lanes 😦  One downside.  But we are far enough into the country that we can get by.

Nothing else to say. (abrupt stop to post)


6 thoughts on “Papa and Nana Visit, Crickets and Talks”

  1. How fun to have visitors. It really does mean so much to have your family be able to come and see where you live. And I am going to have to work on our school district here about the homework free Wednesday. They do have a ban on any meetings/event taking place on Wednesday, but no homework would be beneficial (especially since both boys have soccer, we have scouts, and I go to mutual on Wednesdays-aughh!)

  2. I am so glad they got to see your house. When my sister moved into her new home I went there soon after and it makes it so much easier to picture things. Now when she says they did something in the craft room I can totally see it in my mind. Your video helped, but in person would be better. I am going to miss seeing Andi and Jim. Cheri where my sister lives in Texas wednesday is a no homework day, maybe a petition from some moms would work. miss and love you Jones.

  3. Don’t forget that the fine for not buckling your kids up is $25!

    Speed limits here are a suggestion. The call I-65 the Alabama Autobahn.

  4. It was great to have them here! It made it seem even more real. Micki, you are right, we were driving home from the temple last night and two different semi trucks passed us going close to 90 mph! I was ready to call the police, then I remembered I was in Alabama and we drove faster! 🙂

  5. Kevin, you’re in good company. Jared just rearranged the garage last Saturday (after our summer activities) so he can start parking HIS car in the garage again. It made him giddy! Love our garage.

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