Royce & Water, Bryson & Stinkiness, Merritt & a Knife

Here is Royce, mastering the water fountain…

Bryson (affectionately known as “Cripple”) had his cast taken off today and his arm was X-ray’d.  Not only did it smell, but it wasn’t healed yet.  3 more weeks.  This time it is green. But now the joke is that he doesn’t have any friends to sign it.  HA!

No, they all have friends – at church and in the neighborhood.

And then there is THE cat.  The previous owners had 3 cats and ‘accidently’ left one.  It keeps getting in the garage and other places.  The other day it got in the garage as I was cleaning it and went up stairs and hid.  Merritt was in there with me.  I said, “That’s it.  I am going to KILL that cat!” and I pulled out a pocket knife and went up stairs.  Merritt yelled, “Dad, wait!  I want to watch you kill the cat!”  Where did the innocence go?


11 thoughts on “Royce & Water, Bryson & Stinkiness, Merritt & a Knife”

  1. That was funny. The sunglasses really seemed to help with his skills! 🙂 By the way, I couldn’t even watch the house tour video and see Addy without tears in my eyes. We miss her!!

  2. She wanted to WATCH??!?!? HAHA! My girls would’ve thrown themselves between the cat and the knife. 🙂
    Too too funny.
    I am soo glad you’re blogging. I love hearing what’s up in your lives.

  3. hahaha that”s awesome!!

    I hate cats ….

    WAIT did you kill the cat?? 🙂 lol….. I would have run it over! lol…
    *my lodgic: you see a cat in the road … you swurve … to hit it!!! than you drag it to the side of the road and put up a sign thew says: “free cat” *
    hahahah lol…. sorry!! …. :D:D

  4. thanks!! but now I really wan to know.. if you killed HE cat??…. brother jones! …. lol!!! anyways!!!… sorry for the highly opinionated post! lol

  5. The cat finally got picked up by the family! Lucky for it! We were telling a group of neighbors about the experience and they didn’t think it was funny. I think they wanted to turn us in! They must not be from Alabama!!! 🙂

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