Heard in Alabama

These people crack me up here. The following are things that have been said to us…

“Bless his heart. By the way, that is a southern term ya’ll aren’t familiar with yet. All you need to do is say that and then whatever you say about a person after that is OK.” It’s true.

“Are ya’ll having a good time shooting each other?” Said to Corbin and a neighborhood friend by the friend’s mother as they were shooting air soft guns at each other. A few days later, Bryson was taunting Corbin by shooting all around him and so Corbin went into a rage and started shooting Bryson. He shot his eye. Needless to say, their guns are gone. It was actually quite funny and Kelly and I laughed, but we put on our parents-are-not-happy face while in their presence.

“Do ya’ll have a church to go to? You can come to ours!” What great missionaries they all are! So many people so freely talk about their church and God here. It is a welcomed change.

“Have ya’ll got chiggers yet?” Actually, yes. Addisen is the first.

“My wife’s at the Auburn game,” said a husband while in the presence of his son. Role reversal and bad example.

“Have you heard anyone with an accent yet?” Said to me by someone who had quite an accent. I didn’t know what to say. My first thought was, “Are you in denial?” I finally said, “Uh, you have one.” She giggled and said, again in a southern accent, “Oh, I have one, but mine is pretty tame. There are others that have’m real thick.” Tell me about it…

“chevk vle sveils eliivs slevilse aselv eisev selkms v” There are some people here we just can’t understand. We try, bless their hearts, but they just can’t talk so others can understand them.


5 thoughts on “Heard in Alabama”

  1. When we first moved here I was waved at all the time by people I didn’t know and was asked numerous times if “I was a believer? And do y’all have a church you go to?”

    Such a shock after leaving Ann Arbor, when Buddaism was the prevailing accepted religion, and people occasionally seemed bothered by a stroller on the sidewalk.

    Lots of fun!

  2. Hey Kevin and Kelly!! What a fun experience to be in Alabama. Your house is beautiful and I cannot believe your kids are so big. Time flies. I hope everything is and continues to go well for your family.

    Wish you all the best!!!

  3. Welcome to Alabama! Pat sent us the link to your blog. All y’all need to head south some time and check out how the hotter half of the state lives 🙂 We’re about 4 hours south of you in Montgomery. We’ve been here five years now. you’ll find that the further south you go, the thicker the accent. After awhile, you’ll be able to tell the difference in southern accents. Georgia, Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana and Texas all sound very different 🙂

  4. hey guys,

    My remaining family live in Texas. My niece’s accent is so thick I have to ask her to repeat herself often. But her kids are the funniest. The terms they use absolutely crack me up. Naked as a jaybird, is one of my favorite. miss and love you Toni

  5. Sounds like you’re settling in well enough. Enjoy the culture as much as you can, what a treat to be able to experience something new.

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