The New Home – We are IN!

Yep, we are in.  We were pretty much moving in as they were moving out.  They pushed out their move out day but our trucks were a-come’n.  We spent Friday night and Saturday unloading and unboxing.  About 12 guys from the ward came out.  Everyone here is so friendly.  We went to a neighborhood association type meeting last night and met the neighbors.  Afterward, it was a bunch of southern women – just like the movies – standing around talking.  Made me laugh.

We have had a ton of neighbors come and welcome us with food.  One with allergy free pumpkin cake made from soy.  Oddly enough, it was really good.  But, seriously, they need to slow their speaking down.  Can’t understand some of them.  But I love listening to them!

Here is part 1 of a tour of our home.

And, part 2

We feel VERY blessed to be here.  What a great place Alabama is.  Everything is slower & cheaper.

Bryson has started early morning seminary (6:10) and loves it.  They are all making friends – especially Bryson with the women folk (No, Mica, he has not kissed any… I think).  Kelly is trying to unpack while I am at work.  I have internet access, but the wireless for her computer just didn’t work tonight.  So when she gets on I will have her update this with her thoughts.  I am SURE they will be MUCH more interesting than mine.

But really, after being exhausted from running around, work and unpacking – a Xanadu jump sounds really nice.


17 thoughts on “The New Home – We are IN!”

  1. I’ve been thinking about you and AM SO HAPPY TO hear all is going well. You all are an inspiration and greatly missed…Love you all

  2. I LOVE the new place!! It is beautiful! Thank you for the tour!! It is so interesting all the paintings in the house! Sounds like you are already making great friends!! What friendly people!

  3. What a beautiful home! Wow! We miss you Adison….the kids ask about you all the time. Thanks for being such a great babysitter 🙂 Love the Barbee’s

  4. Wow! What a wonderful home and a great size for your family! Thanks for the tour. We miss Hadley in sunbeams! as well as the rest of the family.

    Shanon Chester

  5. I laughed all the way through this. Nice camera work. Awesome house. Adorable children. Glad to hear that the neighbors are friendly and the ward is welcoming. I am so happy for y’all! (had to put that in there)

    So Alabama is a more feasible drive than Oregon. I am starting to throw around some ideas in my brain for next summer. My children would eat your house and children up!

    I love you all so much. Good luck with all the settling in. It’s looking good, Kelly!

  6. The Morse’s were thinking about you guys on Sunday. Just isn’t the same without you here 😦 I think I even saw a tear in Brody’s eye. No joke! The house tour was awesome!!!! Love it, and the kiddos seem like they are enjoying it as well. Take care guys!


  7. What a beautiful place you have landed in! We are happy for you in finding a great neighborhood and a wonderful house. No wonder Kelly knew it was the one. Your new ward is so lucky to have you guys. We miss you all, but are happy for you.

  8. Of all the places I’ve traveled I have NEVER been to Alabama. Now we have a reason! We are thrilled for you. Great job, great neighborhood, great family, and great time. Congratulations.

    Kevin, give me a blemish report. Are there more or less in the south? How have you responded to your “new” environment? Have you experienced a population explosion or a disappearing act. Talk to me.

  9. The prices of houses here are unbelievably cheap. Hey, everyone. You need to move to ALABAMA.

    BTW, Don, humidity induces one to sweat. Sweat cleans the pores. Clean pores = clean landscape. I am free! No more clogging. BRYSON, on the other hand, hasn’t figured this little trick out yet. I don’t think I will tell him. It is our little secret.

  10. Very cool Big Daddy, love the house. Looks like a perfect fit for the tribe.I knew the Lord would have in store for you a great opportunity. Keep the cat I think he did all the painting.

  11. Ha ha, so no girl kissing yet, eh?! It’s just because he’s so tired from Early Morning Seminary, he doesn’t have any energy to kiss them! Ha ha, just kidding Bryson. I know you’re a good boy.

    House looks fantastic! LOVE YOU ALL TONS! ~Mica

  12. Thou Shalt Not Covet.
    Just broke THAT happy commandment!

    Love you guys. Beautiful home. Beautiful kids. Bryson is a little hottie, wowsers! 🙂
    the girls were watching this with me and asking who you guys were… so i showed them the pic of your family and olivia said, “oh, that’s the color blind dude.”

    love ya.

    1. Shhhhh. You can’t tell Bryson that. BTW, if this home was in Oregon, we would NEVER be able to afford it. It is about 1/2 of what it would be there.

      And that is how Olivia remembers me? Wow. What a memory!

  13. LOVE IT!! It is amazing!! The paintings are really fun! It is beautiful there! It reminds me of Oregon…looks pretty green! Loved seeing the family as well as the house!! We miss you here in oregon…but if you had to move at least you moved in style!! Really the house is GREAT!! Love you guys!! Oh and by the way…every time Ariella saw Bryson…she said “there is my boyfriend”!! So I guess it is not over Bryson….just a long distance relationship now!! LOL!!

  14. Oh….I forgot to put my favorite part is the outhouse!! It inspired me…I am going to paint our bathroom tomorrow!! LOL!! It is all GREAT!!

  15. Wowsers!!! I finally took a minute to look at your home. What an amazing place!!! I am soooooo happy for you!
    The kids were very impressed and would like to move in…your house has more flair than ours in their minds- I mean horses and zoos on the wall, how much better can you get????
    We miss you so much but at least you get to live in another beautiful place with wonderful people.
    You’ll have to take another video once you have settled in so we can see the final results.
    Love from the Foxes!!!

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