Here in Alabama – At Least Half of Us

We made it safe and sound.  Sunday = 835 miles.  Monday = 779 miles.  Tuesday = 965 miles.  We saw the absolute most astounding lightning storm in Kansas.  We had just eaten dinner and it was dark by the time we came out.  About 100 miles in, we started driving east and saw this storm.  It took us an hour and a half to get to it.  And it was amazing. Lightning in 180 degrees  in front of us.  Then, when we were just under it, flashes were about 1 a second and all types.  And at some points it poured rain – hard.  So we decided to call it quits that night (Monday) at the end of the storm.  We will never forget that.

Kelly and the rest of the kids are coming tomorrow.  We move into our house one week from today.

Pictures to follow.


2 thoughts on “Here in Alabama – At Least Half of Us”

  1. Please let us know your mailing address – did you get to buy the house??
    I love Lanae’s and Cherisa’s blogs and will watch yours every day just like I do theirs. I feel like you (Kelly and Keving) are one of my “surogate” children and spouse and miss your kids as much as I miss my own grandchildren!! Please keep me up to date. = is Lanae’s blog; Kellie, you will love her latest adventure. Enjoy reading!
    Love to all of you guys – Cheryl

  2. Hey Jones!!

    Can you send me your physical address of your new house?

    We miss you so much but are excited for your new experience!!

    (And will cell phones and email addresses be the same?)

    thanks, Bev

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