Annnnnnnd…. We’re Off!

I am flying out from Alabama right now to Portland.  Today and tomorrow I will be packing up.  Sunday morning, early, I will be taking Bryson, Corbin and Tessa (oh, ya, and the dog) with me.  Actually, if you do Google map directions from our house to Huntsville, AL (without a full address) it comes up exactly 2,500 miles.  Yikes.  I will be driving the Suburban, towing the car.  Is that insane or what!

Here is the route we are taking – this goes from our house to the new house, although we won’t get there for a while.

I will try to blog our journey.  Should be fun!

Thanks to all those who have and are currently helping us pack up.  I have been away for basically a month and you all have helped out so much during that time, not only with packing but taking the kids, keeping Kelly company and even installing window screens.  What a blessing you all are.  I can’t thank you enough.  We will miss you all – terribly.

But, off to new adventures!


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