Finding a House and Leaving Oregon

OK, so this blog is not quite finished (the pict above, and all).  But we are going on with imperfection.

This last week was my third week of work.  The first two weeks I was house hunting for a rental.  Kelly came out this week and she saw my whittled down list and a few others.  We had a few rules.  One of them was that we couldn’t go into the house saying, “We could make this work.”  5 very evil words.  But what we were finding, some would work, but neither of us were crazy about it.  Not that we needed to be, but it just didn’t feel right.  So after one of the days of looking, We decided to take a journey.

It was dark so homes were difficult to see, but we wandered into a part of town that we fell in love with (even though we could not see anything).  The feeling was right.  The homes were set back.  They were not on top of each other.  There were lots of trees.  It had more of a country feel, even though it was in a neighborhood.  It was darker than it was closer to town.  We didn’t hear cars going by.  Ahhhhhh.  This was it.  We found a home that wasn’t on our list because it was for sale.  But we started looking for homes that were for sale to see if we could lease them (if they were on the market for a while, chances of leasing were higher).  We went with the realtor (who, BTW, is a GREAT guy) and saw the house.

Beautiful.  It is on a corner lot, with lots of tall trees.  It has a fenced back yard, but is very open.  It isn’t huge (there is someone right behind us) but enough to let the kids do some serious playing – including on the built in play structure.  The garage is detached with a second level for storage – lots of room.  The kitchen is attached and open to the family room, which is a perfect size for us all to grow in to.  Right off that, the thing that really got us, was a play room.  It is PERFECT for the kids’ desks for home schooling.  It has a TON of built in shelves and drawers along a wall that is about 20′ long.

Now you have to realize that whomever lived in this house at some point loved painting.  This play room is painted as if it was a zoo.  Monkeys, giraffes and others are painted on the walls.  We thought it was going to be tacky but it actually is pretty cool.

Upstairs, one of the bedrooms is done as if it is the inside of a barn, complete with life-size paintings of horses in stalls, actual railroad tie beams crossing the ceiling with painted cats up top.  The bathroom is painted like the inside of an outhouse.  Pretty funny, but it is really dark because of the dark wood color.  So we will see if that stays.

But, then, I can’t quite say the same for the family room and dining room.  There is a pink motif that just has to go.  Great paintings, but we just can’t do it.

It also has a downstairs family room where we can put the piano and other instruments and let the kids go for it without disturbing the rest of the home.

We put an offer on the house and after a little back and forth, they accepted.  Now we just need to get approved for a loan.  We are praying hard!  You see, the problem comes in that I am contract officially.  NASA outsources a bunch of its I.T. functions to SAIC.  SAIC is the company who brought me on, but to get me on more quickly (without it taking over a month) I was brought on contract with them through my own business.  So on the books it shows that I am self employed, which I am.  I can (and do) have other clients I am working for.  But to get a loan, most often I would have to show 2 years worth of self employment history.  That I just don’t have.  So over the next couple of days we will have to see if they approve us.

I went to the ward today and they were all fantastic.  Thursday night I was invited to dinner.  It was 5th Sunday and after church they held a dinner for everyone, with a guy on the stage playing an electric guitar with an amp – church music but with a slight jazz feel to it.  This certainly isn’t Oregon, but I love it!  Our ward (assuming we get the home) is pretty big, unlike others right around us.  It covers up to the Tennessee state line and the Arsenal (Army base that also houses NASA and where I work).

Now, it is just wait time.  If all goes well, I will have the inspection this week.  I fly back Friday morning, but will miss Melinda Miller’s funeral.

Last week all the Priests and us leaders went to take the sacrament to her.  We sang “I am a child of God.” She cried.  After, as we all started to leave, I went over to her and just hugged her and told her that I would not be back because we were moving and that we would not see each other again.  It was a very tender, tearful experience.  She didn’t look well at all, but underneath the battered body, she was still the great Melinda I knew.  As we talked, it became very clear to me that not only would we not see each other, but that it would not be long for her, either.  We told each other how much we appreciated and loved each others’ families.  I gave her a kiss on the cheek, gave her one last hug and looked into eyes once more.  She knew. I can’t describe everything that was said through our eyes.  Hope, understanding, a departure until we meet again on the other side, thankfulness and more all rolled into one.

She passed away this morning, one week from day.  Here I am in Alabama wishing I could be of comfort to Clint, her husband, and her three children whom I love.  My heart aches for them.

I also think of all the people we are leaving – those with whom we have served, served with and have been served by.  All of this breaks my heart.  Truely, those whom you serve you love.  Each one of he Young Men individually, the leaders whom I have served with over the years, the friends that we have made, the family we have in the area and all the wonderful traditions we have that now have an end.  This has all happened so quickly that I have not been able to say a proper goodbye to many people and let them know how much I love and appreciate them.  And it is not sadness, for I know this is the right thing to do and that all will be with with my family and those we are leaving behind.  But, again, my heart truely breaks to know that our relationships will not be the same.  That I will not be able to see these YM grow up and go on missions.  That we won’t be able to go out to a spontaneous dinner with Kelly’s parents.  Too many times I have let myself think about it for too long and the emotions come way too easily. (Get ahold of yourself, man!)

So there is my heart poured out.  And still, it is only 1/100th of what I would like to say and what I feel.

Kelly will probably read this and say, “Who is that man?!”  Your hubby, my dear.


7 thoughts on “Finding a House and Leaving Oregon”

  1. I love it my dear! You are the greatest!

    Just so you know, the evil words “We can make this work” are ones that come from me! He knows deep inside he is thankful I am a low maintenance wife and will make things work. He is just good at planning ahead and seeing the frustrations of the future.

    I’m so glad he is good at writing, he sums up both our feelings about leaving.

    Love to all…. 😦

  2. I am so sad that a newly developed friendship is, well, going to be put on hold. I do wish your family, however, all the best! I know Sheba will really miss Bently.

  3. Holy. Cow.

    I cannot cannot cannot believe it.


    Good luck on your adventure, you guys. I can’t imagine you not in Oregon… but as often as we see each other (lol), being in Alabama really won’t seem much different. 😦

    All my love to my KJ’s.


  4. Thank you for putting up the blog so you just don’t disappear from our lives. It will be nice to see what you are doing.

    (Whose knee is that? Ouchy.)

  5. I’m so, so, so sad to see you go. But I also know Heavenly Father has great things prepared for those who love Him.
    Thanks for all your great encouragement and love, especially when I was a new convert.
    Kevin, thanks for the things you shared about Melinda Miller. I had a similar experience when I took a meal a few weeks back. She’s in a wonderful place, without the pain and weakness now.
    I love your whole family. You rock!
    Robyn Gonzales

  6. I haven’t written yet~ you know me every time I think about you guys leaving I’m in tears! Kelly and Kevin-you have been the dearest friends and support, what with I do with all the bags of clothes in my car from now on? I’m headed out for Portland today to meet Kelly and her friends for the going away party, this is a tough one for me!!! Love you guys

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