Moving to Alabama

Yes, we are.  Seems random, eh?  Almost.  I am taking a job with NASA.  Last week I interviewed, this week I negotiated and next week I start.  I will have to commute until we can move the family down here.  Which, is why we sent this email out to everyone.

But more details later.  And, of course, we will chronicle our adventures on this blog.


The Book of Joneses
Typed by the hand of Kevin, the leader of the Jonesenites.

Chapter One.  The Joneses take their flight to Alabama. Rent the home. Cry at the loss of loved ones and ward.

1. And it shall come to pass that the Jones family of the incredible Farmington ward will move to Alabama.  Hence not many days and they shall take their flight to the state of the unknown.
2. And the Jones family, yea even at this time, do offer up their thanks to their Lord their God for the opportunity and at the same time their cries are offered up by day and by night that they might rent their home.
3. And it is a lovely home which would be described as a home of milk and honey, but every gallon of milk they bring home is drunk and they don’t much care for honey.
4. Nevertheless, their home must be rented.
5. It is a good home, a home of 4 bedrooms, of 2.5 baths, of a lawn attached to a greenbelt (which in their eyes is a large yard that they never have to mow) & park with a tennis court and plenty of field to play in. Yea, it is a home in a great neighborhood association.  The backyard doth have pears trees, and small plumbs.  The grape vines cover the roof of the deck and, even at this time, the grapes do hang down from above.  Many a year has the Jones family enjoyed the juice of the grapes, being careful to never let it ferment lest the children feel tipsy (there is nothing like fresh grape juice directly from the vine!).
6. This good home is only one block from the 209th building – a short, easy walk in which they would allow their children to walk to their activities without the need to take them.
7. It shall also be newly painted on the outside and much of the inside.
8. And it shall come to pass that anyone who is interested shall call Kelly Jones at 503-848-6671 (home) or 503-929-5460.  Yea, they may even come and drive by the home at 20790 SW Deline in Aloha and visit us if they will.  Yea, they encourage all to look at the pictures attached and links embedded within this record.
9. Yet, shall they understand that the Joneses are packing and the home may not be as organized as it usually is – yet they welcome all travelers.
10. And it comes to pass that the Jones family doth put out a cry to their friends – Wilt thou spread the word?  Wilt thou help us in finding a renter?  Wilt thou open thy mouths and thy email lists and help a family find a home to live in? I say unto you, yea.  And if ye shall do, ye shall be blessed.
11. And the Joneses shall fall upon thee, kiss thy necks and call thy name blessed (or, just the latter if you are uncomfortable with the former).



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